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I'd like to thank Leslie Miller for her great article about Q-Link (and this web site), which appeared in the February 10, 2000 issue of USA Today. :-)

 Screen Shots

One habit I wish I had developed sooner was that of taking pictures of the screen while online. The few pictures  that I did take are below. No one can call them art, but I hope they will bring back a few pleasant memories for you.


This is an example of one of the many system problems that plagued Q-Link during its last year or two of existence. Despite what the room list shows (in yellow), there most definitely was only one of me in the room with Keppler. (Hi, Dave, wherever you are.)


Paying customers weren´t the only ones upset at the way Quantum/AOL Inc. were allowing Q-Link to fall apart. The post above is from a special message board hidden in the QGuide Center, a secret area on Q-Link that was just for QGuides. Messages posted to this particular board were to be answered only by in-house personnel. This post, asking about the problem with Q-Link´s software libraries,  went unanswered until it scrolled into oblivion. When AOL pulled the plug on Q-Link a year and a half later, the library problems were still unfixed.


Here we have a new System Monitor, JT, introducing himself via OLM while yours truly is issuing a very special chat warning to Ms Mist..  0;-)


This is yet another example of the strange and bizarre things that were becoming a daily occurance on Q-Link. Look carefully at the screen names down the left side of the screen. Somewhere in that mess, I was on duty as QGUIDE ae, but good luck finding me. The others present included CrazySaint, Tim30, StaceDS Matt018, and BudYasky.


Remember SysOLMs, those ubiquitous messages from Q-Link that would pop up every so often to advertise some special online event that was about to begin? Here´s a rather personal, private SysOLM I received one day. I sure was special. Which is why I´m being told to go away. ;-)


Here is yet another example of the problems that developed on Q-Link: someone speaking with no screen name attached to their words. To make things even more interesting, this happened in a very special private room during a new QGuide´s Hell Night. (Check out the room name in the top left corner.) Unfortunately,  this was the only picture I took during one of these legendary QGuide initiations.


Nothing too funky about this one. Just good friend Lyn doing a very nice SuperQ Qgraphic for my Lobby. :-)   (Thanks, Lyn!)


This one needs no explanation, right, lms?. ;-X


SquidAgain doing another great Lobby-Logo for me. (Thanks, Joe!) This one and Lyn´s above were both done the same evening. You´ll not see anything like this in any AOL Lobby today: the present AOL software still doesn´t have the graphics capability that the Q-Link software (and SuperQ) had way back in 1992.

That, my friends, is it for now. If I find any more screen shots, I´ll scan and upload them as quickly as I can. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed my little gallery. :-)

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